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Month: March 2014

What’s the Issue?

Can changing rope colour help save endangered whales?

Click on the link above and read the article ‘Can Changing Rope Colour Help Save Endangered Whales?’

  • Identify the issue in the article.
  • List three new facts that you have learnt.
  • Do you think Scott Kraus’ idea will fix the problem? Why or Why not?
  • If you were assigned to this project, how would you fix the problem?


Choose and cook a meal, for example, home-made pizza, cookies or a cake. Make sure there is adult supervision whilst you are cooking your chosen dish. Write the recipe and a reflection on the class blog. Consider these points in your reflection:

Were there any difficulties?

What alternatives would you consider next time?

Enjoyment level

Who would enjoy this recipe most?

What techniques did you use? (eg; beating, kneading etc)

Texture of the food

Take a photo of your dish and include this in your homework book.

What can you do to be a team player in Five/Six?

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Click on the link above and watch the clip, A Pep Talk from Kid President to You and record some of the key points made. Following your key points, answer the question, ‘What can you do to be a team player in Five/Six?’


Art Response


Examine the piece of art, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and identify and explain at least four elements of art that you can see.

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