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Board Game

Choose and play a board game with your family.

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  • the game you played
  • strategies you use whilst playing the game
  • problems you may have encountered
  • What are the advantages of playing a board game with your family? What did your family learn from playing a board game together? Comment on the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Hi All
    I played Monopoly with my sister this was really fun and entertaining.
    The strategies I used were buying all the places my sister liked, hitting the dice against my bed this gave me really good and important rolls.
    I encountered with a couple of problems like some chance cards were cards that made us lose lots of money or push us back a step. That manly mad the game slow down and it took longer.
    The advantage of playing this game with my sister is that she is younger than me so she doesn’t know how to spend the money well. The disadvantage was we had lots of fights about stuff but it was ok.

    I hope you liked this thanks

  2. Hi Guys!
    This board game I played with my family was Monopoly. This a personal favourite of my brother’s and he often cheats, too.

    -Don’t let my brother (Thomas) be the banker.
    -Buy lots of properties.
    -Spend your money wisely.

    -Having fun.
    -Money skills.
    -Being together as a family.
    -Getting chocolate and chips! (Hee hee).

    -Thomas cheating.
    -Thomas kicking me.
    -Thomas yelling at me.
    -Getting told off for singing Disney. :C


  3. The game I played was Monopoly. The strategy I used was paying for as many things as possible on the game board to get the most money from the other players landing on my property. A problem I came across was landing on a lot of stores and having to pay for landing there. This was a problem because I spent all my money on them and didn’t have enough money to buy enough property so that I could win the game. An advantage I had with playing with my family was some of them didn’t know how to play so didn’t know when to pick the valuable cards instead of the cheap ones or what to buy to win. Although my sister Alex did help them learn how to play and Mum won the game. My family all learnt how to play Monopoly. There were no big disadvantages or advantages and the game was pretty fair and enjoyable.

  4. Hey 5/6RF,
    the game I played was battleships and I played it with my dad and sister.
    Some strategies I used was to use the spy plane to locate the area their ships were in so I knew there was a ship in that zone I could fire at. Rather than guessing and firing in the wrong zone. Some problems I encountered were that often my dad would fire at my ships and they would sink. Even when I got the chance to move them, he would still be able to shoot them down. Some advantages of playing with my family were that we got to play a board game and we wouldn’t normally do that. Some disadvantages were that since we have played this game before, they kind of new my strategies.


  5. I played the game electronic monopoly with my family.

    The strategies I use whilst playing the game was buy as much properties as I could.

    The problem I had was at one stage I was down to $90 but then everyone started to land on my properties and had my whole family bankrupt, my sister was crying so much because I made her lose and I ended the game with $20,000.

    The advantages of playing a board game with my family was we get to spend time together having fun. My family learnt from playing a board game with me that they are never going to win !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi 56rf,
    The board game I played was monopoly and I played it with my grandma. The strategies I used while playing the game was as soon as I landed on a property I bought it know matter how much money it was, because if my grandma landed on my house she would have to pay my. The problems that encountered while I was playing were that when I bought lots of house o lost a lot of money. The advantage to playing your family is that they are not very good at board games. I did not really have a disadvantage about playing my family.
    Over and out

  7. Hi everyone!
    on Saturday night I played a game with my mum. it was a game in the zoo membership book and there is an activity page and that’s were I found it. some of the strategies I had to use were to try and not land on the go back spaces and when mum did she went back and when it was her turn she rolled a 2 and had to go back again! also you had to try and land on the short cuts so get ahead. some of the advantages in the game were that there was 1 short cut space and that could have taken you almost to the finish line! sadly I did not get to land on that space but at least I was winning until mum landed on it and got in front of me and won the game! good on ya mum!

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  8. Hi guys Estelle here so I’m going to tell you about my family board game that we played.

    So the game we played was the logo quiz board game
    The strategies I used was trying to picture the logo or answer to the question e.g what is the colour of the weathers original wrapper:Gold
    One problem that I found a lot was remembering a name of a person or an item/object e.g Who is the model who modelled revlon adds:Cindy Crawford
    I don’t think I had many advantages if anything they had an advantage because they remembered things like one of the questions was what was the first shape it was Patato crisp and I don’t really think my family learnt much exept of what is the worst time to get a mind blank

  9. Hi Guys,
    I played a card game spit with my cousin Chloe.
    In spit, if I put out a 5 of hearts Chloe or I could put out either a 6 or a 4 of any suit, the suit doesn’t matter, only the number. You have to know your numbers pretty well and you have to have very quick reflexes. You could put down for example a 5,6,7,6. It’s helpful to go back and forth with numbers so you have a range of cards to put down. It’s handy to have similar numbers. If you have similar numbers you should take your time but still try and get them out quickly. One of the disadvantages of playing spit is when someone has put all their cards down it’s a race to see who can smack the pile with the least amount of cards. It doesn’t take too long like monopoly and you can stop at any time. From spit we learnt that it’s all up to the smack of the pile of cards because if one pile has 5 cards and another has 25 than you want to go for the small one but sometimes your reflexes aren’t quick enough. One of the main benefits is at the end, also being a disadvantage, if you haven’t put many of your cards down you still have a chance to get the small pile.

  10. Hi guys,
    The board game that we played was scrabble I played it with my family.
    The strategies that we used were looking for words with the maximum amount of points.
    The problems we encounter were cheats (me) and not finding any words.
    The advantages were getting help from your family members. The disadvantages are if you lose they tell you that alright.
    Bye :)

  11. The board game I played was Monopoly Empire. Some games can go for 30 minutes and some for 2 minutes.
    -Be smart with your money
    -Buying all the properties that I land on
    There weren’t any
    -It’s all about luck

    By Cooper

  12. Hey guys
    The board game I played was cluedo and in the game you have to solve a murder mystery.
    I didn’t really have any strategies apart from not letting anyone see my cards
    A problem I had was that I didn’t know that I was showing my dad my cards
    The good thing was that I’ve played the game a lot of time so I know it better and my family learnt that KNOWONE CAN BEAT ME AT CLUEDO!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi guys Bryce here I played Monopoly Empire with my mum and my sister.
    The strategies I used when playing was when I landed on a brand I always buy it for my tower.
    Some problems I encountered were that my family gang up on me because I win most of the time.
    Advantages at playing with my family are they are really determined to win.
    My family learnt that my strategy is to buy every brand
    My sister became bankrupt first the I filled my tower to the top

  14. Hi everyone,

    The game that I played was Rumikin. I played with my mum and my dad.

    The strategy that I used was every time I had an opportunity to put something down I did. Problem that I had was not having anything to put down. The advantage playing with my family is spending time with my family. We become very competitive playing together. The disadvantage for me is that my mum and dad are more experienced with maths so they will be able to add up quicker than I would be able to. The advantage for me is even though mum and dad are better at maths then me it is also training my brain which is good.

    Bye Keeley

  15. Hi fellow classmates I played a ‘Guess Who?’ tournament. The strategy I used playing this game was trying to knock down as many people on my board by answering questions that are likely to knock a lot down. A problem I had playing the game was I wasn’t having much luck when it was down to two people, I kept guessing the wrong person. The advantages and disadvantages of playing with your family is that it’s fun because you are close to one another so it’s more competitive. The disadvantages are that it can get too competitive and it really hurts when you lose. What my family learnt when playing ‘Guess Who?’ is that the only joy is winning – no only joking, the joy is playing a game together.

  16. Hi guys,

    The game I played was the Logo Board Game.

    – I had my own background knowledge to answer the questions.
    – My sister didn’t play because she was at athletics. But she always beats me
    – I started asking the questions first to my dad.

    – How you were suppose to win the game but lucky we had the instructions
    – My dad started first, and he is really smart and unfortunately he won the game.
    – It was hard to understand the some of the questions because some of them had a lot of description, and I asked a few times to read it again.

    Advantages and disadvantages:
    -The advantages of playing the game with my family is basically that they were lucky that I was the least smartest so they beat me. The advantages for me are that I went second not last because if you are last you are most likely to miss out on a question that has been answered by someone else.
    – All of us learned not to go last, make sure you have a fair idea of some brands and also to read the instructions.
    -The disadvantages are that if you go last because if you are last you are most likely to miss out on a question that has been answered by someone else.
    – The advantages are that not to go last, make sure you have a fair idea of some brands and also to read the instructions.

    Ps make sure if you play with my dad make sure you go first so you can answered the questions before he does. And unfortunately I lost as always!



  17. Hi guys,
    A lot of you played this game and I love this game too… Monopoly! I played the game with my sister and brother.
    The strategies we thought of:
    – Deciding what properties to buy and how many properties. I like to buy as many properties as possible.
    – Deciding which properties to buy houses and hotels for.
    – How much money do we need to put aside to meet expenses?
    – Trading yes or no? Need to ask the question is this trade going to help me and is the price fair?

    The problems we encountered include:
    – Not having enough money to pay rent and unexpected bills.
    – Not being able to land on or afford the properties that you need .
    – People unwilling to trade.
    I learnt that my family can be sneaky, clever and competitive. It is so much fun
    when we all play together except when there are arguments.
    Thanks, Beth

  18. Hi guys the game that I played this week was monopoly empire.

    1. Get lots of money
    2. Allays be the banker (TEEHEE)
    3. Take money when no one looks (TEEHEE)
    4. WIN!!!!

    1. Getting dads fathers day chocolate(yum)
    2. Spending time together as a family
    3. Being the banker. (HAHAHA!!)

    1. Having a family that like chocolate 🙁
    2. Loosing because all I wanted was the money I ended up with 64 hundred dollar notes
    3. having to spend my money and lose my money
    4. Not buying property and having to pay everyone rent
    5. having my family criticise me over the amount of money I had

    I totally recommend this game to everyone because it is a very tense and exciting game.
    Thanks for reading BYE.

  19. The game I played was called pictureka. The strategies that I used were to remember where things were. I found it hard to find things that there weren’t much of. The advantages of playing this board game with my family are that I am more experience with this game and they don’t know all the rules. My family and I learnt that it is fun and exciting to play a board game with each other. We had fun playing the game. I know how my family would normally play but my sister was just to good to beat. We had so much fun playing this board game together.

  20. Hi everyone,
    I played the board game Quoridor with my whole family for three games and one was with the whole family but my sister didn’t want to play the other two.
    The strategies I used for the game was box in the player so they would take more time to get to their cheese and also I tried not to draw attention to myself so no one would stop me. The problems I encountered were that people tried to gang up on you to stop you to get to the other side.
    The advantages with playing with your family is you generally know what they are trying to do and you know their strategies. What I learnt about playing a board game with my family is some people try out all different strategies and some people take it so serious they crack it at the end of the game. The advantages I have was that I think a few steps faster then the other people in my family. The disadvantages I had to face was that my parents had more experience on board games more than me and my sister.

  21. Hi everyone, the board game I played was scrabble on the i-pad, I played with my Mum.

    I tried to get as many points as I could, by making long words, or using letters with high points.
    Scrabble is quite a long game, so it took a while to finish, the i-pad also blacked out during the game, so we had to wait for it to charge more.
    I got to spend time with my mum, and it is a great way to learn more words, and the spelling of them.
    I don’t really think that there are any disadvantages to playing a board game with my family.
    -What I learnt:
    I learnt that it is quite hard to make words with limited letters, and that it is hard to play anything with two little brothers (Peter and John).

    Bye  🙂

  22. Hi everyone,
    The game I played was The Simpsons Monopoly and this game is really fun.

    Some of the strategies I used were to buy things first before everyone else and also keep money in the bank for when you owe an opponent money. I think these strategies are great because you always have that left over money for these occasions.

    Some problems that i encountered were going bankrupt/running out of money. Also that everyone bought things before you did and you couldn’t win. My last problem was that sometimes you just have bad luck and that it doesn’t always go your way so don’t expect things.

    Some advantages were that you get to have a bit of fun and that you got to learn some financial and social skills in ordinary life. I don’t think there are any disadvantages from playing this board game.
    From Daniel

  23. I played Monopoly and it was very fun because I always win the money in the middle.
    Some of the strategies I used were to not buy any houses so that my brother and sister would lose all there money and go bankrupt.
    A problem I had was when I kept on going in jail and it was very frustrating.
    The things my family learnt were nothing really because we had played the game so many times and it was kind of boring. The reason we didn’t play another game was because we had also played other games a lot but we had agreed on Monopoly.
    The advantages of playing with my family were that sometimes my brother didn’t even have a clue in what he was doing.
    Some of the disadvantages for me were I was sometimes make bad decisions and it was making me either lose heaps of money or go to jail.

  24. Hi,

    The game I played was monopoly with my mum.

    The strategies I had were to land on properties and buy them so the other player needed to pay me when they land on the properties I own.

    Some problems were that I was confused how to play some parts of the game and another problem was not having enough money to buy a property.

    The advantages playing with my family were to be able to spend time with them and enjoying the game.

    I didn’t really have any disadvantages when I was playing with my family.


  25. hey guys
    I played a game called up words
    the strategies I used in the game were to try and get longer words to get more points and trying to use them in the best way I could.
    the problems I encountered were not being able to think of a word to go in the right place because I didn’t have the right letters
    the advantages of playing a bored game with my family was we were all doing something together. we all learnt how to play the game and that its harder than it seems.

  26. Hi guys,
    I played the board game green eggs and ham with my sister and mum. I chose green eggs and ham because it was the only one I could find besides master mind, but I always lose so I avoided that one.
    Some strategies I used was, nothing but spinning the spinner like a pro.
    Problems that occurred were when we couldn’t remember the rules.
    The advantages of playing with my family were spending a bit of family time together, also it was a few minutes without my sister hurting me (joke).
    We learnt that my sister and I don’t always have to fight when playing games, also my sister was being nice and helping me so I also learnt she can be nice.
    Some advantages were, winning and spending some time together.
    The disadvantages were, being called a cheater, it was very short and we only played once because it was my dad’s birthday so we went out for dinner.

  27. Hi gang,
    The game I played was Buggo – it’s a game where there is two sets of cards one set of card has different numbers of bugs on it some have 1 bug 2 bugs or 3 bugs this set of cards is facing the floor so the players don’t know what card has what amount of bugs on it. The second set of cards are in a pile every go you pick up one of these cards and It tells you how many bugs you need to pick up; for instance it was five bugs you might have to pick up two or so cards to reach five bugs, but if you go over five bugs you don’t get to keep the cards you picked up.

    A strategy I used was remembering what and where cards were placed on the floor , so if I got ‘pick up two bugs’ I would already know where two bugs is on the floor.

    Problems that we had during the game were; during the end there was only three cards on the floor and so many cards left in the pile, so if we got ‘pick up one bug’ there was none left, so we had to look at the cards and wait for the cards that were left on the floor.

    To be honest I don’t think there’s any advantages when you are playing with your family; if you play with my family it’s no longer just a mental game it’s a physical game. If someone does something wrong I usually let them know about it but then they say ‘no I didn’t’ so then it turns into a physical fight.

    When playing this game I learnt that the way you win Buggo all depends on the pile cards even though five is a bigger number it is better to get pick up two bugs because I found there is a lot of two bug cards on the floor. The chances of picking up the correct card is higher.

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