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Newspaper Article Response

Find a newspaper article of interest to you. Discuss it with an adult and write the title and date of the article, what message the author is putting forward and your opinion of the article.


  1. Yarra River management plan as clear as mud 9th October
    The message the author is trying to get across is that people around the area are polluting the water that travels downhill past warranty be and past Eltham all the way past the city were it spreads into the ocean there are many houses around the river that wash chemicals or rubbish into the river by washing dangerous liquids down their sinks or dropping rubbish on the streets that goes into drains that lead to the ocean killing sea life in the ocean my opinion is that their doing the right thing stoping people polluting the water and saving the sea life and protecting the ocean

  2. Lancer Prices Honed
    Carsguide / Herald Sun
    Author (Joshua Dowling)
    Friday September 5 2014

    The message the author is trying tell the readers is Mitsubishi Motors are cutting prices on the Mitsubishi Lancer.

    I find this great because I would like to get one in the future .

  3. Hi-lo Peeps!
    Choosing which article I should pick was a hard decision! My favourite article writer is Lee Tulloch, so I started from there. She writes in The Traveller, which is part of the well-known newspaper, The Age. The article I (finally) chose is called: Hotel thieves: What can you take from your room? It was written by Lee Tulloch, of course. The date of the article is March 26 2014. Find out more about Lee by searching: ‘Lee Tulloch The Traveller’ in Google.
    The article is her talking about what should and shouldn’t take from a hotel when you leave from your holiday? She tells you about some hotels want you take products with their name on it, hoping it will leave nice memories. Lee says some things are good to take, but the bed isn’t one of them.
    My opinion on the article is with it. Taking things from your hotel room is fine. Well, maybe the bed, towels and sheets aren’t. But stationary and toiletries are fine. Even I’ve taken a soap from my holiday in Queensland. I only took it because I thought it looked pretty. It had a butterfly on it, after all.
    What do you think? Is taking something from a hotel room good or bad? Please comment on your opinions!

  4. Hello! the article I have chosen is ‘Smartphone microscope prize no small matter’ it was from the The Age newspaper, and is dated Thursday, September 11, 2014.

    I think that the message the author is trying to put across is, two men, designed a special polymer lens for the smartphone, so that it is like a microscope. The lens takes less than a cent to make, and it is a lot easier and less bulky than the current microscopes, which haven’t changed in over 400 years.

    My opinion on the article is that it is very interesting, and that it sounds very successful, and useful. It is also good that they can be so cheaply made, and so much more efficient than the current microscope.

    Bye 🙂

  5. Hi guys the article I read this week was called ‘Rotary fair says thanks to the champs’. It was published on the 10th of September 2014.In this article the writer was trying to tell people about a fair that they had on the 13th to recognize the heroes that they have had and telling people about the parade that their having after along with live entertainment and family fun. My opinion is that this writer had this article well set out and with the perfect pitcher to represent it. That’s all for this week bye.

  6. Hi guys
    I read and artical from the Review Magazine
    It was about a car that is having technology from the movie James Bond Die Another Day. The car from the James Bond movie was a Aston Martin Vanquish. Land Rover is the dealer trying to make an effort to have lots of technology. The technology will make the car a more effeciant in the future and the technology is going to make the car more safer.

    I hope some of you liked what I wrote thanks

  7. Here’s my article,

    Herald Sun
    IT’S A GIRL!
    Sunday, September 14, 2014
    By Rod Nicholson

    Black caviar has recently given birth to a cute baby girl. The baby filly is incredibly healthy and going strong. The owner has already declared that the filly will not be sold. I am really happy for Black Caviar and I think this is great news. I think that the filly will grow up to be as great as her mum! 🙂


  8. “Boomer jumped in me head” Selwood said it, Roos will regret it

    The meaning that the journalist was trying to get across was that Brent Harvey good me gone for the rest of the year Joel Selwood said that he jumped him and he cut him just above the eye. The journalist also said about Friday nights game against the swans Brent did a do or die moment when he cut Selwood, when he was talking about the game for Friday he said It will make it even tougher for them to win on Friday if he gets suspended.

  9. Hi guys,
    RIDING FOR LIFE – September 9th 2014
    The aurthor is trying to say that this man will do anything for his son after his son took his own and the aurthor also said that if you know someone that has taken their own life there is support for you in family and friends.
    My opinion is that Ian loves his son very very much and is dedicated to riding 120km on a bike for his son, this man is an inspiration.
    Ian is the father of Tim and Tim was the man that took his own life.


  10. Darebin is a Class Above the field: September 10 2014.

    The message the author the author is getting across is that Darebin Falcon women won the grand final and they were undefeated all season.

  11. Hi everyone so I’m going to tell you about this article I found on the 12 of September at about 8:42 a girl who was at the adelaid show and got flung off the ride unfortunately loosing her life.the key message that I think the author was trying to get across was that this girl must have been small (8 years of age) because she slipped out of under the bar that was holding her in. I also think he was trying to say “should we not go on the AirMaxx 360” thanks guys for listening and I hope you enjoyed my response and if you want to find out more search up “girl falls off ride at Adelaide show” or come to me in class to photocopy my article or read it.byeeee:):):):):):):):):)

  12. Hi everyone!
    the newspaper article that I read was about Elmo and how he is back in Australia to do a production for kids. The people call it ‘Elmo’s world tour’. the on stage production will have Elmo himself and lots of his other friends from Sesame Street and they will perform for hundreds of people. On the front page the photo of Elmo on the Scenic Railway at Looner Park, Melbourne. the reason why Elmo is here is because he loves Australia and for the third time coming here he decides to take some of his friends. here is a list of the names that were mentioned on the article:
    1. Big Bird
    2. Grover
    3. Cookie Monster

    I hope that this has told you enough so that you know what is going on with Elmo and his friends and what they are doing. Thanks for reading my blog response!

  13. Hi everyone I did my article on Sydney and Lance Franklin
    Title: AND THEN BUDDY WENT BANG BANG Date: Sunday September 7th 2014

    The article is trying to say how food of a game Lance Franklin (Buddy) had against the Fremantle Dockers in the qualifying. They also talked about Buddy’s salary cap and how Sydney are. Doing with Buddy. In my opinion I chose or liked the article because it says how Sydney are doing and what’s happening with Buddy.

  14. The title “Get a load of the ute”.
    Date Friday 12/9/14
    Holden have confirmed that they are going to build 250 utes and they will arrive in showrooms by the end of the year. It will be the world’s fastest ute. I think that it is going to be good and we can get a new ute.

  15. My newspaper article is called: Australia Taken Davis Cup Lead.

    The key message for this story is that Australia is on its way to its spot in the world cup group of the Davis Cup for another year. “On the grass, Nick Kyrgios made the third round of Wimbledon, so he’s obviously comfortable on that.” That quote was from the author’s point of view. The author also mentions that he has also signed on to play in the mixed teams Hopman Cup in Perth at the start of 2015.

    A good opinion on this is that the author has put in quotes so that we can understand Kyrgios point of view. Also that the author has given the text a great headline which really made me want to stop and read it. My opinion on this is that reading Kyrgios has a really good chance of wining because it sounds like he is doing a really great job.


  16. Hi Everyone,

    I read the article Sore Heads, Monday, September 15, 2014.

    The Article is about headaches. The author is trying to help us out by describing ways to get rid of headaches and how to avoid headaches. For example if you get a headache, lie down in a dark quiet room, sleep, place a cold or warm cloth on your forehead and neck. If you want to avoid them, you should drink lots of water.

    In my opinion, it is a good article as it is helpful. For myself I sometimes suffer from headaches, and I really needed a way to stop them or even avoid them, but thanks to this article, I know what to do now. I can either put a hot or cold cloth on my forehead and neck, and to avoid the headaches I have to drink lots of water.

    Bye Keeley

  17. The newspaper was the Herald Sun and the date was Sunday, September the 14th.
    I liked the article because it was not to serious it was just a bit of fun about the AFL season that has just gone by. It was about the Mr men people and put them into an AFL player and my favourite was Mr forgettable which was Mitch Robinson because he forgot about what he did the night before and he actually got punched in his face and the club thought he was involved in a fight there at the club.

  18. Hi guys,
    My article was called ‘Fun can end in tears’ and it was published on the 13th of September. It was about how easily and how common kids get hurt on playground equipment. According to the text most things like slides and swings lead to more than 600 children are rushed to Victorian hospitals daily, in a year about 6,000 kids. Boys aged 5 – 9 are at the highest risk hurting themselves. Most of the injuries that go to the hospitals are kids during school that were mucking around. Most adult supervisors should keep their eyes on their children more often. I think the key message is that you need to make your kid is in a safe place and someone is always watching them. It also means to not be crazy too often because ‘it could end in tears’. My opinion about the article is it has a point how we need to be careful around play equipment especially when their young and haven’t been around things before.

  19. Hit And Miss 15/9/14
    The key message in my article is about when Brent Harvey bumped Joel Selwood and split his eyebrow and they are having a debate if Brent Harvey should play against Sydney swans next week. Peter Larkin’s is saying that Selwood could have fragile parts on his skin from stitches but it would still have to have been a very hard hit to make his eyebrow split. My opinion is that Brent Harvey will just have to wait and see if he can play and the people debating give him some sympathy because its the finals.

  20. Hi guys
    My article is called The season that was literally pointless. This article was made by, Herald Son Sunday, September 14,2014.

    My article was about local kids Footy games and how they don’t count the scores because the kids are too young for competitive football. I totally disagree with this statement because if they don’t count the scores its no fun and you will never find out who wins. Saying that kids in year three are too young for competitive Footy is wrong if they are going to do that to all the kids they may as well not count scores in the AFL Footy games. Keeping scores gives the kids a chance to make finals and make them more determined to win. That is my opinion on the article I read

  21. Hello,
    My article was written on September 3rd in the local newspaper called The Leader.
    It is about a lady called Stephanie Lynch who is a animal lover and she owned a horse named Kyra that was sick and had severe health problems such as anaemia and cysts over the her legs, but the big problem was that Kyra had a plasma cell myeloma, an incurable cancer and Kyra would have to be euthanised. The vet bills then added up to 15,000 dollars just to cure Kyra. But Stephanie didn’t give up. She found horse lovers across melbourne and got them to donate to her cause and they contributed to paying 1000 dollars of the cost.

    I thought this story was amazing because Stephanie would do anything to keep Kyra alive and i think anyone would do that to someone or something that you love. Especially when you know that they have an incurable cancer.

    I chose this because it teaches me that giving up is last resort and that always try your hardest because anything can happen.

  22. hey

    my article is called a mums love
    sunday September 14 2014

    I think the key message in this article is how brave meerkats can be and how they will always protect each other like the way the mother protected her baby’s from a venomous spider.
    I think that this article is really sweet and it show how loving meerkats are of each other especially their kids.


  23. The title of my article is, ‘Former Nazi guard, 93, charged over 300,00 Auschwitz murders’
    The date of my article is September 16, 2014 – 7:57PM .
    The key message the author is trying to put out is that, Even if you didn’t murder anyone you still supported those who did, those who support criminal activity should also be prosecuted.

    My opinion on this article is that I think this criminal should be found guilty and sentenced to a lifetime in prison. Another opinion I have on this article is that I think the man should have been sentenced straight away because they knew he volunteered to help a death camp, even though he knew of the crimes they were committing at the camps.

    By Oscar

  24. Hi,

    The article that I read was called Repair Job For Reef and is from 15th of September 2014, Herald Sun.

    I think the author is trying to say how the Queensland and federal government are trying to help the Great Barrier Reef and to make it clean by 2050 also not allowing any dumping of objects so there is protection for wildlife animals.

    My opinion of this article is that it will be a good plan to protect/clean the Great Barrier Reef and you can make a difference by not reef-dumping.


  25. hi guys

    My article is called ‘fast food secrets’ (August, 2014) written by CSIRO researchers. This article was studying the fast food habits that people are eating now. Over 70% of purchases is from takeaway or drive-through food. Most fast food outlets have to display nutritional information as well as the number of kilojoules. Most families said fast food was a ‘special treat’ and shouldn’t be eating fast food regularly.
    The message the author is trying to put across is that we should not be eating fast food regularly. Also there are very few nutritional benefits in fast food.

    some key facts I read in the article are:
    1. 25% of fast food is eaten on a saturday.
    2.8% of fast food is eaten at break fast.
    3. 35% we eat fast food at home, 31%is eaten in restaurants, And 16% is eaten in cars.

    I found the article interesting because I like sports and it is important I eat the right things to give me the energy I need. I do like to eat fast food but if I do I try to choose the more nutritional options.

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