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Web 2.0 Tools 2014

Reflect  on the main three Web 2.0 tools we have used in the 5/6 level this year – Blog, Wiki and Verso – and answer the following questions;

  1. What were the positives and negatives about each tool?
  2. What was your favourite Web 2.0 Tool to use and why? (List atleast three reasons).
  3. If you could introduce a new piece of technology/tool at St Francis Xavier to enhance the learning of the students, what would it be and why? (Really sell it to us!)


  1. Hi!
    here is my response on the 2.0 web tools.

    – Can’t view other peoples work before you complete something, so you don’t copy them
    – It’s anonymous, so when you comment on someone elses work, you won’t hold back because of who they are
    -It’s a good, safe way for schools to share their learning
    – You can upload videos to Verso
    -You can access Verso from any smart device

    – You can only use a limited amount of characters for on post (annoying)
    – Sometimes you might want to know what your friends have written, but you cant because it’s anonymous

    – You can comment on other peoples work
    – You can change the colour, size and font of the text
    -You can add in things like links, widgets and pictures
    – You can look at all of your friends writing pieces at once
    – You can post whatever you want, instead of having to answer a single question

    -Sometimes it’s hard to thing of anything to write, instead of answering a specific question
    -It’s easy to accidentally double click ‘post’ and you might repeat what you said
    – It can be hard to work out how to edit your text

    -It’s easy to get onto (you don’t need to use your username and password)
    -It’s easy to respond and comment, with everything on the same page
    -The questions all have their own page and link, so it’s easy to access the right page
    – There is no risk of spam (because of the anti-spam)
    -All of the recent posts and pages are down the side of the page, so you can get to the page faster
    – No posts can get onto the blog without the teachers approval

    – You have to put in an anti-spam word with every post
    – Anyone can access our blog and post anything they want

    My favourite learning tool is the blog, I like it because it is quick and easy to use, you don’t need to bother with a username and password, you can see all your friends stuff and it’s easy to figure out what to do.

    I think that a good online tool to use is Google Classrooms, I think this because you can add tasks easily, it’s the same Google system we use for Gmail, Drive and Youtube, it’s a similar system to the blog, but it’s easier to manage and it’s security is higher

    Here is some information from the web page:

    Easy to set up
    Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just minutes to set up.

    Saves time
    The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review, and grade assignments quickly, all in one place.

    Improves organization
    Students can see all of their assignments on an assignment’s page, and all class materials are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.

    Enhances communication
    Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Since students can post to the stream, they can help out their classmates.

    Affordable and secure
    Like the rest of our Google Apps for Education services, Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free for schools

    That’s why I think Google Classroom is a good learning tool for 2015.

    Bye 🙂

  2. Hi everyone,


    WIKI: The positives about using the wiki was that we could write our own stories and we could comment on anyone else work. There were no negatives about using the wiki. I had a really good time using it.

    BLOG: The positives about the blog was that there were different activities just like the one Ai am typing to you write now. The other positives about using the blogs was that you could comment one other people’s work and you could also go on to other classes wiki page. There were no negatives just like the wiki. I had a really great time using the blog.

    VERSO: The positives about using verso was that it was a different working space and it was really fun learning a different learning environment. The negatives about using the vero was that you could only use 500 characters and that includes puncuation. The other negative was that you were not aloud to put your name on anything, you were not aloud to say comment on someone else’s work with there name in it.


    My favourite web tool was the blog because like I said before there were different activities and I had so much fun learning and commenting. The learning skills were very fun and interesting. I had so much fun and it was very enjoyable.


    A new piece off technology that I would introduce to SFX is prezi. I now that some people already use it and know about it but I think it would be a great learning tool instead of having to use the PowerPoint presentation. It would be really fun I even checked it out myself and it looks really good.


  3. Hello everyone!
    these are my answers to the questions that are on the sheet.

    1. Well the positives about the Wiki is that you can write down anything you wish and it’s so easy. But to be honest I don’t think that there are any negatives with the Wiki. With Verso I think the positives are that you can watch videos to do with my learning, but the negatives are that there is a limited amount of characters you can put in as your text. And finally, the blog is a great thing that we should use as a class but the negatives are is that it doesn’t correct your work for you.

    2. My favourite web tool to use is the Wiki because, I love writing and that is what you do with the wiki. Secondly, you don’t just have to write stories on it but you can put is sentence starters as well. And finally, it’s great fun to use because I get to write all of my narratives on it, and I love to do this.

    3. If I could introduce a web tool it would be something that you could be like a diary but everyone can read your progress in how well your doing at school. If this thing was real then it would help a lot to the teachers so they know what they need to do to help your learning!


  4. Web 2.0 technology
    The positives of the blog and wiki is that you get an unlimited space to write in but verso has a word limit. Although verso you can do on a tablet if you download the app so it’s more portable but the blog and the wiki don’t have an app so they are less portable then verso.

    My favourite web 2.0 tool was verso because…
    1. it is more portable since you can download it on your tablet.
    2. it is newer then the blog and wiki so it feels better.
    3.even if it has a word limit you can continue it in the comments section.

    If I could introduce a new piece of technology at St Francis Xavier to enhance our learning I would pick cool math games because it is a fun way to learn cool math games has a huge variety and it’s not just maths it involves other learning subjects as well. Stuff that will get your brain to concentrate.

  5. Wiki:
    I really liked the wiki because we could type our stories straight into it and continue it at home no problems. It was fun seeing everybody’s stories online and being able to comment and sharing your advice about what you thought.
    I was kind of annoying how on the pages instead of editing we had to comment because if two people edited at the same time I would delete both people’s work.

    Verso was pretty cool how the teachers could link YouTube clips onto it and that would be the focus of the activity.
    I didn’t like how it didn’t say our names because it would dizzy me each time saying ‘Responder.’ Even if didn’t show our names we could maybe a funny username instead. There was also a word limit so if you wanted to write over the word limit you couldn’t which I also found annoying.

    Some pluses about the blog is you could copy and paste straight in and not have to worry about a word limit or anything like that. It was great in the way that we had a login so we could change our profile pictures etc. It is also very easy to comment on other people’s work as well.
    Sometimes people would ask you questions on the blog by commenting on your post. But you would not know this unless you went on and checked. Maybe an email alert could be sent out to let you know? I think that would be great.

    My favourite program is the blog because there is no word limit, it is easy to comment on other’s work and we were able to have cute profile pictures.
    Something I’d recommend using is Prezi. It is much more exciting than PowerPoint and I’d really like to use it myself! It looks very exciting from what I saw with the Inquiry presentations!

  6. Hello everyone,
    1. I think a positive about studyladder is there is different difficulties so that it can help you and also it has different subjects so you can improve more than one part of your learning. A negative about studyladder is that we do not use all of the subjects.
    I positive about the blog is you can do unlimited amount of words and you can read each others comments before and afterwards. A negative about it is it is an American based so the spell check is designed for America.
    A positive about Verso is you do not know who has wrote what post so people do not just like their friends comment. A negative about Verso is the amount of characters you are aloud to write because you might not be able to finish the sentence off you were writing.

    2. My favourite web 2.0 tool was studyladder because it teaches you about certain things in game like educational games. Also it will tell you to do it again so you can learn the facts and remember them. Finally it has many games on the same topic so you can learn it in all different ways.

    3. I think our school should use mathletics because people can learn multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in quick and easy fun games. Also they can go against your class and see who is the best in the class is and have tournaments.

  7. Review technology tools
    1. Blog positives you get to write on other peoples comments after they have write it. Negatives you are allowed to look at other peoples work which is bad because people can copy it. Verso positives you can’t copy other peoples work because they don’t show the other comments until you have posted. Negatives you have to login to your account and you have to login to your class to write on verso. Wiki positives you can type a story on the wiki and other people can comment on the story, you have your own page for your stories and you can do activities instead of writing a story. Negatives when you and someone else a writing on the same page one can disappear.
    2. My favourite web tool is the wiki because you have your own page to write on instead of all writing on the same page, you can write any kind of story on the wiki you don’t just have to write a narrative and instead of writing a story you can do dome activities.
    3. I don’t know a new website that we could use maybe another website like study ladder.

  8. Hi
    The positives of the blog is you can access every other classes blog page so we have to comment on other peoples work we have more options.
    The positives of the wiki is that we could write story’s then edit all the time so it makes it much more easy
    The positives of Verso was that you make you work quick and sharp. That means you get to the point straight away.
    A tool we could use is google drive because we can still save work and it is very handy


    My favorite web 2.0 tool was the blog because…
    1. You can access other classes as well as your own
    2.It was so much easier to get onto different subjects on the blog can respond and comment on others work

  9. I like the fact that verso had no names on peoples work so you wouldn’t just say you like your friends work but you could comment on anyone’s work. I like that on the class blog I could see what we had to do on the computer and that it told me step by step what to do. I dislike that the class blog sometimes did or didn’t show other peoples work because sometimes if I want to see what other people did for stuff like cooking I wouldn’t be able to see. I didn’t mind the wiki but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I liked the tool on the class blog where you could go into other classes blog because its good to look what other people have done, I like to look how the other class has set up their blog and I also like looking at 56 id class pet. I would introduce some new computers to replace the macs in our classrooms because sometimes macs take longer to load if you want to look up something and some of the people in my class like me still don’t know how to properly use a mac and it can get annoying if that’s the only type of computer left they can not get the other ones. Also sometimes when me our y friends look for our work on a mac we cant find it and I bet that has happened to other people before.

  10. Hi Everyone I think that my favorite tool was the Wiki because the positives were that you could show your work with everyone, commenting on other people’s work that you liked or their next story and it’s a good way to talk to the people that you uselessly don’t . The negative is that sometimes the wiki crashes for me but it is my favorite.
    What I like about the blog is that the teacher can give you a task that you do and you can do it with as much detail as you like, you can also see other people responses to get inspired. The negative is that it can take awhile to write a big response like this one here.
    Verso positives are the same as the blog like tasks and taking awhile but the main thing about Verso is that it is secret which response is yours and I don’t really like that so I like the blog better.
    If I could make a tool it would an online tool like study ladder in our class but you vs for the top amount of points. The teacher might say to have this amount of points at minimum by the end of the week. That is what I think would be soooooo awesome 😀

  11. hi
    some positives about the wiki, blog and verso is that we can interact with others and are able to read other students posts to help ours
    a negative is that year we can type responses but if we need help and were not at school to ask a teacher or the person whose looking after you is in the shower who can you ask well I introduce
    just ask if you have a question than you go on just ask type your question and you will get in answer.

  12. Hi 56rf,
    The positives of the blog is it does not need a password to get in, which means other people can see it so it has to be of a high standard. I did not have a negative about the blog, I thought it was very good to use and I would like using it next year.
    I did not have a positive about Verso because there was so many problems. The negatives about Verso was logging in, how you could only have an amount of characters and it did not work when I used it.
    The positive about the Wiki is only our class can see it, you have your own page where you can do sentence starters, narratives and much more. I also did not have a negative for the Wiki, and I would love using it in 2015.
    My favourite web tool to use is the blog because of these three reasons, it has no problems, it does not need a password to get in and you can comment on other people’s work, like the Wiki.
    I could not really think of another piece technology of to introduce to the school.
    Bye Bye.

  13. 1. I think they were all very resourceful tools because they helped us learn stuff and also you could read each other’s opinions. The things I disagreed on wherever so because I thought it was boring because we didn’t use that tool as much as the others.
    2. I think the best tool was the blog because it helped me learn new things see other people’s opinions and also be able to develop new skills.
    3.I think if I was to make a new tool for the school it would be a Technology enhanced tool were kids could learn how to use any type of device they would like to find out new things about.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    Wiki: Positive about Wiki is how you could write whatever you want you don’t have a certain task.
    Wiki: Negative about Wiki is if someone saves at the same time as you when you are editing a page it won’t save.

    Blog: Positive about the blog is you can write as much as you want there are no characters or word restrictions.
    Blog: Negative about the blog is, not that this has happened to me but, if you don’t put the anti-spam password in you lose you work.

    Verso: Positive about verso is that you don’t know who is writing what.
    Verso: Negative about verso is it has got a limit on characters.

    My Favourite tool was blog because…
    1. It was the easiest tool to use.
    2. It had no limits on words or characters.
    3. I liked how you know who was writing what.

    Even know lots of people already use this tool I think we should use Prezi instead of PowerPoint. I think this because Prezi’s are much more exciting and I think have much more tools to use that can help enhance our learning.

    Bye Keeley

  15. Hi Guys,
    1. Blog: A positive is that I get to read other peoples ideas.
    A negative is that you have to anti-spam if you are not logged in.
    Verso: A positive is that you don’t know who has written what and a negative is that you can’t see anyone else’s work before you post.
    Wiki: A positive is that you get to write about anything, it’s my choice and a negative is that sometimes it is hard to find ideas.

    2. My favourite tool is Wiki because

    1. I love writing and choosing what to write.
    2. I remember my password easily.
    3. I feel most comfortable and at ease using this tool.

    3.I really great tool for students to use would be a homework log/schedule that tracks what needs to be done and when. It helps us to be organised and not stay in at lunchtime.
    Thanks, Beth

  16. Hi Guys,
    I think the positives of using the blog were there weren’t any character limits because sometimes if you want to elaborate a lot on the question it is hard to fit in what you want to say. The positives on the wiki were it is a site that lets you see other peoples writing pieces, you can write more stories than the other sites. The wiki is more for writing as for the others are more for commenting on questions. The positives of verso are you can watch linked videos and then respond to it straight away.
    My favorite web tool was the wiki because you could look at other peoples style of writing and get story starters if you’re stuck. I enjoy typing rough draft instead of copying off a book.
    I would introduce a program that has ways to talk to the other students, has sites to watch videos like ted talks to get you started on a story and also a way to write stories, respond to questions and start discussions.

  17. Hello everyone,

    Verso: I like verso because you can look and comment on other peoples work without them knowing or you knowing who your commenting on. I also like it because your not just commenting on all op your friends posts. The only negative I have to say about verso is that it dosent explain the task as well as the blog up the top.

    Blog: I like the blog because I think it is an easier tool to use because it easily explains what your set task is and you can look at other peoples posts to get ideas. I have no negatives for the blog all up that is why I like the blog better then verso.

    A new tool I would like to bring to Saint Francis Xavier is an Ipad because as we go on to high school a vast majority of the year sixes going into year 7 will need to learn how to use an Ipad for their latter years. Some kids don’t do their homework because they say their computer has stopped working so that means having an Ipad will mean more homework done and less excuses.

    Thanks for reading bye….

  18. Hey Everyone,
    Chance to talk about global issues and stuff we learn at school
    Different way of learning
    On verso not being able to read others comments until you’re finished
    On verso limited amount of characters
    Sometimes on verso not being able to see other people’s opinions and get ideas off them before you start
    Favourite 2.0 Tool:
    Was blog because you can see other people’s ideas and get some for your blog but not coping or anything. Get to write more than just 500 characters not like verso. You know who wrote what because on verso it is anonymous.
    New 2.0 Tool:
    I would probably try to make wiki used more because I find it great making new ideas and sentence starters, synonyms and stories. I find it great because people can comment on your work and can give you feedback.

    Cheers for reading.

  19. The class blog is good because you can see everyones blog and you can contribute to their ideas. You can also have a deep conversation about your ideas and it is a way to talk to your class mate if you have any homework questions .

    The class wiki – I personally think the class wiki is the same as the class blog because you can also see there conversation and you can also talk to them.

    Verso – I didn’t like Verso as much as I liked the other one because you couldn’t see their blog. I don’t think it was a good idea to use it because what happens if you didn’t understand the topic the blog was about, and you couldn’t see the other peoples blogs to get a fresh idea and understanding about the blog.

    My favourite web tool is probably is the class blog because

    1. You can contribute to their ideas. Also you can have a deep conversion about your ideas.

    2. I think it has a good set up and it is easy to use.

    3. And you do not have a word limit.

    last of all I do not have a new technology tool to recommend for St Francis Xavier to enhance the learning of the students.

    Sam Bonney

  20. hey guys

    the positives and negatives of each tool are…
    wiki: the positives of the wiki are that we can we can write story’s on our pages and access them from school and home and we can see other peoples story’s and writing which is good. the negatives of the wiki would be that some of the activities aren’t accessible from home

    blog: the positives of the blog would be that it is a really simple thing to use and it isn’t too complicated. for me the negatives of the blog would be that I never got my login stuff for the blog so if I get the anti spam thing wrong or anything wrong I usually have to start all over again.

    verso: the positives of verso would be that it is really modern but at the same time simple. the negatives would be that I cant get it from my computer so I have to do it from an ipad also there is a big word limit so I cant write everything I want to say

    my favourite web tool would be the wiki because I really like to write and to read other peoples story’s. Also some of the pages are really helpful for story writing. and everyone gets to talk more on the pages and comment more, and give people feed back and stuff.

    I’m not really sure about any other tool I now that can help the school .


  21. Hi,

    Positives: A positive with the blog is that you can get ideas if struggling, and that it is a quick tool to use.
    Negatives: A negative about the blog is that you need to type anti-spam every time you need to post something on.

    Positive: A positive about Wiki is that you can make stories wherever you want and share the stories with your class. Another good thing is that there are things that help your spelling, writing.
    Negatives: There weren’t really any bad things about the wiki.

    Positive: A positive for Verso is that it is anonymous and is private. It is good how you can like someone’s post without knowing who it is. Another positive is that it is quick to get onto.
    Negative: A negative is that we just started using it and you might not know how to use it that well.

    My favourite Web 2.0 tool is Wiki because like i said before you can write stories and do them anywhere. It also lets you shares ideas with other people and you get to play games that help improve your writing and spelling.

    If I could introduce something it would be something to help you in all subjects, that let you play fun games that help you in subjects and where you could find tips for like writing and other subjects.

  22. Verso
    Positives: The positives of Verso were the different types of formats we could use. Such as not being able to read others until we have completed our own. Another positive is being able to decide which teacher you get your tasks from. Other than those there weren’t that many positives personally.
    Negatives: A few negatives about Verso are it being quite complicated to use. Also they had a good idea of the class thing but it sometimes didn’t appear you had to re-sign into that class, this may have only happened to me, but still it was annoying. My last negative is the restriction of characters it was so annoying I was only ever over by a bit but I had to change the whole thing just to make it valid.
    Positives: I really enjoyed using the blog and some of the positives were it being easy to navigate everything was easy to find and with the blog I had no trouble with tasks appearing. Also being able to write freely without having to limit your characters was great.
    Negatives: Sometimes your writing disappears when you click post. Also the anti-spam was a bit faulty but otherwise the blog was great, again personally.
    Positives: The wiki was another successful learning tool; the positives were being able to write whenever you want or whatever you want on the Wiki. I don’t know many more positives because I only used it once.
    Negatives: The only negative I had was not remembering my username, I remembered my password just not my username.

    Favourite web 2.0 tool, my favourite was the blog because I had gotten very familiar with it and because it was so easy to use. I also find the blog my favourite because I just feel I trust it the most. It has also only ever stuffed up once so that is why I trust it.

    If I could introduce a new piece of technology to the school it would have to be pages, pages is a tool on any apple device kind of like word. Well first off I think it would give us more use for the ipads, also we never have enough computers for everyone to publish in the classroom so the ipads could be used for exactly that. Plus we can get Michael to connect the ipads to the printer so we could also print off them. Pages is something my sisters use all the time in high school. My sisters usually get good grades from the stuff they write off pages so its got to be good.

  23. 1.
    Blog- A positive for the blog is when you are stuck on something and out of ideas you can look at other people’s responses and get an idea of what to write and to me there isn’t any negatives.
    Verso-A positive for Verso is no one can copy other peoples comment and is Anonymous. A negative is each person only gets 500 characters.
    Wiki- A positive is you can quite easily work on your writing at school and at home and for me no negatives.
    2. My favourite Web tool to use is the wiki because like the blog you can look at other peoples pages for ideas, you can access the wiki from home or at school a lot easier than verso and the blog and ach person has their own page.

  24. The positives were:
    Blog: easy to use, you were able to write as much as you want, you can comment on other peoples work and you don’t need a password go get onto it.
    Verso: it was something different for a change, could access videos or pictures though it and your work was anonyms so when people wanted to comment they wouldn’t just comment on their friends.
    Wiki: it’s a different working tool, we are able to access it from anywhere and you can read what others have written.
    The negatives were:
    Blog: I really enjoyed the blog this year and wouldn’t say anything bad about it.
    Verso: our characters were limited, we had to have a password to log in and to me it didn’t really feel as important as the blog
    Wiki: You could only use one page so when you wanted to write a new story you would have to keep spacing down so there was a gap between both.
    My favourite 2.0 tool to use is the blog because I’m able to express my feeling on it more because you can write as much as you want, it also feels more important because we have been using it for a long time and also the blog can be read by anyone.
    To be honest I wouldn’t introduce another tool because SFX is a very lucky school and everything we have is good but at the moment I think that if we introduced another tool it would get confusing.

  25. The best part about the blog is to get to it. The worst part about the blog is the spam word. The best part about the wiki is that you have your own file. The worst part about the wiki is that you have so much files. I think that the blog is the best because it’s easy to get to, it doesn’t have so much files and you can see who writes the comments. I would chose FaceTime because it would be easier instead of typing it. I never have used Verso.

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