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Month: March 2015

National Young Leaders’ Day

On Friday the Year Sixes went to National Young Leaders’ Day at the Melbourne Convention Centre. There were five inspirational speakers that talked about their life and how they showed leadership throughout their life. First there was Mike Martin who talked about how you can achieve leadership, then there was Bindi Irwin who talked about how her dad inspired her and how she could follow in his footsteps. After recess we had Andy Griffiths who showed us how he wrote his books. Then Jessica Gallagher taught us if you pursue your dream anything is possible and you should let nothing get in your way. Finally we had Coen Ashton who told his story about when he was nine years old he had a double lung transplant and was extremely sick since he was born. He jet skied the Murray River so he could raise money for organ donation and to prove anything is possible. Overall the day was fun and inspirational and all the five leaders showed us that we can achieve our goals with nothing stopping us.

By Claire Vander and Bridget Arnett

St Patrick’s Day



Click on the link > Get Your Green On! It’s Almost Saint Patrick’s Day and read the article. On the class blog respond to the following questions;

  1. Where was St. Patrick born?
  2. How did he end up in Ireland when he was 16?
  3. Why did he return at the age of 30?
  4. When did he become primary patron saint of Ireland?
  5. Select any one of the many traditions listed in the article and explain how it started.
  6. Why does President Obama like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What will he do on March 17th?

Skeletons & Exoskeletons

Click the link below to access the e-book, ‘Skeletons and Exoskeletons.’


The Skeletal System

The Skeleton

Read about your skeleton by clicking on the link on your class blog page:

You need to read the pages labelled ‘Your Spine’ (page 3), ‘Your Ribs’ (page 4), ‘Your Skull’ (page 5), and ‘Taking Care of Bones’ (page 8). Then answer the following questions:

  1. What is the most important job of the spine, ribs and skull?
  2. What do you need to do to take care of your bones?
  3. Why is it so important to take care of your bones?

Helpful Websites for Inquiry


Homework Timetable

Create a timetable that will assist you in maintaining a routine for homework. In the timetable, you need to include your out of school activities, chores and a section for your goals. They are there for you to refer to and as a reminder of what needs to be completed.

On the class blog, respond to the question, ‘How is this timetable going to assist you in completing your homework? Why is it important to schedule your homework in a timetable?


Here are some examples:


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