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Month: April 2015

What’s Cooking?


Choose and cook a meal, for example, home-made pizza, cookies or a cake. Make sure there is adult supervision whilst you are cooking your chosen dish. Write the recipe and a reflection on the class blog.


Consider these points in your reflection:

Were there any difficulties?

What alternatives would you consider next time?

Enjoyment level

Who would enjoy this recipe most?

What techniques did you use? (eg; beating, kneading etc)

Texture of the food (eg; smooth, lumpy, tough)

Take a photo of your dish and include this in your homework book.



The Heart


Read the information on the following website:

Answer the following questions (you may need to do some more research):

  1. What is a heart and where is it located?
  2. What is your pulse?
  3. When you listen to your heart, what is the da-dum sound that you’re hearing?
  4. Where can you feel a pulse?
  5. Why can you feel a pulse in these areas of your body?
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