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Sentence, Phrase, Word


Complete the Thinking Routine – Sentence, Phrase and Word on your home reading.

Sentence: Record a sentence that was meaningful to you and helped you gain a deeper understanding of the text.

Phrase: Record a phrase that moved, engaged, or provoked you.

Word: Record a word that captured your attention or struck you as powerful.

Make sure you explain why you have chosen each.


  1. The book I’m reading: Deltora Quest 2 Emily Rodda

    Sentence: (“Trembling and blind his arms and legs refusing to obey his will, Lief stood helpless while confusion regained around him”). I chose this sentence because you can tell a lot of what is going on. You can tell that the main character is in trouble and that hes panicking. This sentence also gets you hooked into the book, it have lots of good words and is very creative.

    Phrase:( “Upturned faces wet with tears”) I chose this phrase because it shows emotion, and you can ask many questions, like why are they crying, what is causing them to cry and who is crying.

    Word:( “Pirran pipe”) I chose this word because the Pirran pipe is what lief and his companions are looking for and what the Quest is about. The Pirran pipe is the plot for Deltora quest.

  2. My book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling.

    My sentence is “Harry was sure that the cracking noise was made by someone Apparating or Disapparating.” Page 12, paragraph 4. I chose this sentence because it’s where all of the magical action begins. Also, the sentence tells you a lot of information about Harry, what he knows about, that he is a wizard and it gives you some questioning, can Harry Apparate and Disapparate?

    My phrase is “…to fetch the Invisibility Cloak…” page 372, paragraph 1. I chose this because it shows that Harry, maybe even Ron and Hermione, are up to something mischievous that may cause trouble or Gryffindor house points lost. Also, they could be doing anything. It could be a simple as going to Hagrid’s hut or finding out something they shouldn’t even know about.

    My word is “witnessed” page 550, paragraph 2. I chose this not because it had meaning to me but because of lots of reasons. First, the author has used a different word than seeing or saw. That really attracts me to the book and the series of Harry Potter. Secondly, it could expand someone’s vocabulary and knowledge because this is a different word than you would see everyday. They could use it in their writing or just in general conversation.

    • rfortuna

      October 29, 2015 at 8:54 pm

      A great effort here Em. I’d like to see you elaborate on your sentence a little more. I really enjoyed reading why you chose the word ‘witnessed.’

  3. My book is Ivy and Bean,

    Sentence: Bean is eating ice cream on her front porch with Ivy.
    Page: 122 paragraph: 1
    I chose this word because it tells you that bean has a friend named Ivy. It also tells you that bean likes to eat ice cream. I really like this part of the book because it is just before beans older mean sister Nancy finds out that Bean has cut a bit of her hair.

    Phrase: … the moaning noise
    Page:45 paragraph: 1
    I chose this word because it basically tells the whole story. The story is about the voice of a ghost. And this sentence explains the sound. I also like it because it sounds mysterious. I also like it becaue even though it tells the story, when you read just that part it doesnt give away to much.

    Word: Together.
    page: 121 paragraph: 2
    I chose this word because Ivy and Bean is the title of the book. All the mysteriouse adventures they go on are all together. So I think they could make the first book title called together. The reason for that is because In the first book they just meet together and get used to each other. After that they do every thing together.

  4. The book I am reading is called “Alice Miranda Shows the Way”.

    SENTENCE: “We’re both getting far to old for this.”
    PAGE: 1 PARA: 4
    I chose this sentence because they are trying to say that Evelyn believes that they are way too old to go horse riding, but the others don’t agree with her.
    PHRASE: “The giant black stallion thrust his head over the stall door and nickered softly in reply.”
    PAGE: 2 PARA: 4
    I chose this phrase because it engaged me to read more about what was happening during this paragraph. It has lots of descriptive words in it and it just made me want to read more and more.
    WORD: “Thrust”
    PAGE: 2 PARA: 4
    I chose this word because it really stood out and described what the horse was doing at the time instead of saying he moved really quick.

    • rfortuna

      November 2, 2015 at 2:21 pm

      Millie, it’s important to proof read your posts for spelling before you post them. Also, think about how you could expand on your response to make others want to read this book too.

  5. My book is Sleepwalker.

    “That was the first time I ever sleepwalked, but it wasn’t the last.”
    I chose this sentence because it captures an important concept in the story, Lucy’s sleepwalking. This sentence is meaningful because it introduces Lucy’s sleepwalking but it also explains that her sleepwalking continued.

    “Jacob, disabled but not unable. . .”
    I chose this phrase because it introduces Lucy’s brother, Jacob, a main character in the story. It also explains how Jacob is disabled because he has a prosthetic leg, but he is still capable of doing things.

    I chose this word because it is a very interesting word. It sounds as if it would be something extremely interesting, but it really is just another word for sleepwalking. This word can also trigger many questions if it is out of context or if you don’t know the meaning. Like what does this word mean? or is this word commonly used?

    • rfortuna

      November 3, 2015 at 8:54 pm

      A great response to your book Rhian. Remember to put page references for your sentence, phrase and word.

  6. My book is Bear Grylls by Bear Grylls

    Sentence: “As I woke up I saw his face again.” This sentence tells me that the character is in trouble and maybe that he was attacked. It also tells me that the man he keeps seeing is stuck in his head.

    Phrase: “Hurry up.” This phrase tells me that people in the book are worried that they will be late for some thing. It also tells me that what ever is that they are missing must be pretty important.

    Word: “Columbine.” I chose this word because it is one of the main settings in the story and a lot of the events happen there. It also tells me that it is a place with a lot of carnivals and celebrations

    By Xavier Black.

    • rfortuna

      November 3, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Remember to include page references for your sentence, phrase and word Xavier. Think about how you could expand on your responses too.

  7. The book I am reading is called The kaboom kid The big switch bye David Warner with J.V.MCGEE and illustrated by Jules Faber

    My sentence is Instead he did school work . What i was thinking is why would Davey want to do schoolwork he hates school this sentences really confuses me and that is why I chose this sentences.

    My phase is….Send the bails to new south wales I chose this because I think it is really funny and catchy and interesting that is why I chose this.

    My word is…. glanced I chose this because when davey glanced over his solder in anger at the umpire I thought it was funny and that is why I chose this word.

  8. My book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules

    Sentence:”Now that Rodrick knows I have another journal, I better remember to keep this one locked up.” Page 1, paragraph 3. I chose this sentence because it tells the reader that the author has written the book in first person, also, it means that the main character’s other journal had been looked at by Rodrick.

    Phrase: “But today he found our weakness.” Page 58, paragraph 3. I chose this phrase because it made me wonder what the main character’s weakness was. And how the other boy found out about the weakness.

    Word: “Embarrassing” Page 24, paragraph 2. I chose this word because this states how the main character is always getting embarrassed by others. I wonder if he will ever get his revenge on those who embarrassed him.

  9. Hey I hope you are all well.

    My book is wonder by R.J Palacio

    Word: Plague
    The word plague is important in this book because it shows the way August was betrayed by his fellow classmates. I believe it shows that August is strong and self motivated and thinks of himself of a normal person, which he is. Throughout the book people stop “the plague” and really become great friends with August, so I believe Plague is a very important word in this book because it represents many emotions and personalities during this book.

    Sentence: “You really are a wonder Auggie.”
    This sentence was the very last sentence in the book. I think it shows how from the start August was well taken care of and kind of over protective and now he is a normal kid with a wonderful story. It also relates to my life because my mum tends to say to me a lot you really are a wonder were did we get you from. Also that sentence gives the book its name and the name gives the book its unique thing.

    Phrase: “None of them looked like me”
    I believe this shows how August felt during the early stages of the book. He knew he didn’t look like every kid in the world but that’s what made him unique. This really shows how August accepted himself and knew that things could be tough in high school but he stuck up his chin and stride through it.

    Charlotte Playfair

    • rfortuna

      November 3, 2015 at 8:50 pm

      A great example of this thinking routine Charlotte. I like how you added a personal touch about yourself 🙂

  10. sorry i forgot to put the page numbers i will remember next time

  11. I am reading the book Th hunger games Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
    Sentence: “we’ve dropped off the birds and voloteered to go back to the woods”
    I chose this sentence because it explains what you hey are doing and they are going back to the woods to collect more wood. pg 130 para 5
    Phrase: ”when Haymitch gets on after, he admits Peeta’s no better.
    This phrase tells the reader that Peeta is no better than than Haymitch. pg 228 para 2
    Word: ”strong” I chose the word strong because with all the rebellions Katniss still has to stay strong and defend her and her family

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