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3-2-1 Reflection


Write a 3-2-1 Reflection on your year in 2015 as a Year Five/Six student.

Your 3-2-1 should include the following:

3 Interesting things/things you enjoyed from the year

2 Words

1 Metaphor (eg. My year is like a… or School is like…)


  1. Hello! Here is my 3-2-1. So in 3, 2, 1…

    3 – My three favourite things that enjoyed this year were seeing The Lion King, going to Thailand and having my Confirmation. Seeing The Lion King was great as I had seen the original movie when I was very little so seeing it on stage was awesome especially since the act was around us as well. Going to Thailand was great, trying new food, buying new clothes, cans of soft drink being under $1, Magnums and Cornettos $2 each. My Confirmation was really special as it was my final Sacrament of Initiation as well as having all my family coming over to have a great time celebrating it.

    2- The two words I would use to describe Year Six would be crazy and vanilla. I chose crazy because Term Four was just insane with everything happening and to happen such as Graduation, Mystery Tour, Graduation Party, Final Day and Whitefriars Orientation. I chose vanilla because instead of it being my favourite ice-cream flavour it was what I wanted Year Six to be – plain and simple. Even though it got crazy sometimes and just unbelievable, it was really fun and great.

    1. My metaphor to describe Year Six would be – Year Six was like a helium balloon, it keeps on getting higher and higher (better and better) until it pops (ends).

    Thanks for reading my 3-2-1 and remember Vanilla is the best ice cream and Sprite is the best Soft Drink (with the exception of creaming soda).

  2. 3-2-1 Reflection 2015

    3 interesting things/things you enjoyed from the year.

    I thought that camp was interesting because we got to go with all of our friends and at Sovereign Hill we got to learn a lot about Australia’s past.

    I thought that the concert was interesting because we only get to do it once every three years and I got a speaking role this year. This was a great experience and sadly my last one.

    I thought that all of our inquiries this year were great. Our first one was the human body, I researched the Respiratory System and I learnt a lot of different things about my body. The next topic we had was ‘Where is the spirit in the world’ this topic was about who now helps the people in the world who are less fortunate. Our last inquiry was about Immigrations, I loved doing this because I got to take the role of my nonna.

    2 Words

    I thought that 5/6 was different because it was much harder school wise but it was way more pleasant than 3/4.

    This year was interesting because it was good to have a bigger learning space where most thing you do aren’t too hard but weren’t too easy.

    1 Metaphor

    This year was like a pretty rose though many petals fell off it is still special to me.
    This means that the petals are when something bad happens but they haven’t ruined the whole year (rose).

  3. 3-2-1 Reflection on Year 5

    The first thing I enjoyed was camp because it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. The teachers planned an amazing camp with taking us gold mining, they let us go off in small groups by ourselves and took us to Blood On The Southern Cross. Another thing I enjoyed this year is becoming a FIRE Carrier. This was a great privilege because only four of about forty Year Fives will get the leadership role and I was picked to be one. The third and final thing that I liked about 2015 was the concert because that is where I really figured out what I love to do, acting. Also I got a speaking role and all of this really boosted my self-confidence.

    I have two words to describe 2015. Learn and thrill. Two simple words, I know, but they don’t have simple meanings (well, to me they don’t). I picked learn because this year I have had a couple of very educational experiences like going to camp and learning about the Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade. Another learning experience was the body systems inquiry unit. It was really interesting to learn about how my body works. I learned about other year level’s inquiry units through the concert. I chose the word thrill because stepping on stage in front of a lot of people was kind of scary but thrilling at the same time. There have been other small thrills throughout the year too.

    One metaphor would be:
    This school year has been like the ocean. It had its calm parts and its rough parts, it has been wavy, but in the end it will always just push you to the end.

  4. 3,2,1 bridge

    My three things i enjoyed about this year are…
    Camp, The Lion King, Inter-school sports
    My two words about this year are…
    Fun and Jam packed
    My metaphor is…
    What goes around comes around be happy YOLO

  5. 3 Interesting things about 2015
    1. Camp
    I found camp interesting because it taught me to try new things and to give everything a go.

    2. Concert
    I found the concert interesting because it was a different way of learning about our inquiry unit.

    3. Inter school sports
    I found inter school sports interesting because every week we got to meet others schools in the area and compete.

    2 words about my year in 2015
    1. Bumpy
    I think 2015 was bumpy because it was a new working environment and not everything was the same as previous years and I had to adapt to the working environment.

    2. Nervous
    I thought of the word nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. And things worked differently in year 5/6 then my younger classes.

    1 metaphor
    2015 was like a mystery parcel I didn’t know what to expect.

    By Ella Jakubik

  6. Hi Guys,

    Charlotte’s 3,2,1

    3 (things I have enjoyed)
    I have really enjoyed every inquiry topic we have done. I like them because they always teach me something new and get me really intrigued. My favourite topic would have to be our immigration one because I learnt a lot about my great grandpa.

    I also enjoyed camp because it was a heap of fun. Spending time with my friends and getting away from school for a while was great so I could get my mind of things. I learnt a lot too, which was good.

    I have really enjoyed sport this year. It was a lot more different to year four and a little more fun. I loved being in the girls cricket team and I learn heaps of things including how to play cricket.

    2 (words)


    1 (metaphor)

    This year has been like a lightning storm; there are moments of true darkness and some streaks of light (lightning)

  7. 3-2-1 bridge
    3 interesting things
    1 Camp because it was a great way to learn things out of school I loved learning about the Gold rush because it is good to see how people used to live. I enjoyed having abreast time with my friends.

    2 Interschool Sports because I had never done Interschool sports I love that I learnt how to play 2 sports Volleyvall and Soccer I had a little bit of knolegde about Volleyball but not Soccer I enjoyed both my sports. I also love how we have a captain I find they show good leadership and acknowledgement.

    3 Concert I loved the concert because I had never done one at school before and when I found out we were doing it I was so excited. I think we all did a great job and I know I did as best As we could because we put somuch practise into it. I loved it I thought it was thrilling . I love the costumes. That is something I will always remember when I think of year 5.

    2 words
    1 shine I choose shine because that word was in our chool theme and it makes me remember about our school concert. I also choose it because I think you should shine all the way the year and believe in yourself.

    2 New I choose the word new because when I came to five six it was new to me. There are two classes that work together you have Interschool sports and Lit corcles I have never done that in the my other years.

    1 This year has been like a rollercoasters there have been some ups and downs. But it will always finish in a good way.

  8. Thanks Mrs Gusti

  9. 3
    One of the best thing for me this year was being a school captain, it taught me how to be a leader and overcome fears of public speaking. Being a school captain I was able to go on great excursions and speak at Assemblies.
    This year I have really enjoyed the sports programs, including Lawn Bowls, Lacrosse, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, and Twilight Sports. This sports were all very involving and joyful.
    This Year I have enjoyed my new friendships with my peers and teachers. This year I feel that I have made many great new friends both boys and girls.

    The two words that I choose to describe my amazing year in Year 6 were ….
    I chose to use this words to describe my year because I have learnt so much in my education and I have had the most exciting year and best time ever.

    The metaphor that I would use to describe my year this year is….
    My year this was like a swigly art piece there’s always bumps and curves but then it straightens out and becomes a masterpiece.

    Eliza Corcoran

  10. 3-2-1 BRIDGE ON YEAR 5/6 2015
    By Lauren

    3 Interesting/things I enjoyed:

    Having the opportunity to participate in Interschool sport for the first time. I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to play two new sports – volleyball and rounders, that I have never played before.
    Seeing the Lion King. I thought the Lion King was great! It was very different to what I am used to doing, because I have never seen a theatre performance on a movie that I have seen. I especially have never been to a theatre performance through school.
    Inquiry. I thought inquiry this was interesting because in the past years I have never done a design brief and when we got our first one – It’s Systematic. I had no clue what it was, but when we got our most recent one – Immigration, I knew what it was.I have really enjoyed doing design brief!

    2 words:

    Exciting. I found this year exciting because every day there has been something excited and around every corner something exciting has happened.
    Change. I think change is a fantastic word to describe 2015 because every day there will be the day’s schedule on the whiteboard and that schedule does not always stay the same and also 2015 has been a big change from 2014, 2013, 2012, etc.

    1 metaphor:

    2015 has been like tree – there are times where it will grow, there are times where some branches/leaves will fall (stressful/bad times) and there are times where it will blow with the wind in the sunshine ( happy/fun times)!

  11. Hi guys,

    Here is my 3,2,1 on 2015.

    3. Three of my favourite things that I have enjoyed in 2015 have been;

    a. Attending the St Patrick’s day mass in the city, especially representing the school by carrying our flag. I enjoyed this because I felt proud to be able to lead the school at a very important place, and it was a great opportunity to meet other people from schools all over Victoria.

    b. Taking part in a writing workshop with a world famous author, Amie Kaufman. We went to a convention center near the city, and we were able to discover ways to improve our writing, as well as being able to collaborate with a partner to write our own stories using Amie’s tips. It was a great experience and to make it even better, there was FREE FOOD!

    c. Our 5/6 camp to Sovereign Hill where we learnt all about the Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade. We participated in many great activities such as Blood on the Southern Cross and Gold Mine tours, and it was probably my favourite camp out of the four I’ve been to. My favourite parts were spending time in my cabin with my friends and having the freedom to roam around Sovereign Hill freely on several occasions.

    2. Two words that I would use to describe Year Six would be;

    a. Action-packed. This year was full of different events that made the year really fun. We have been kept busy by the teachers and have had many different opportunities that I have really enjoyed. I am looking forward to a busy December, and I will definitely miss Primary school once I have moved on.

    b. Excursions. I have had the opportunity to participate in many different activities not in school, some as a 5/6 student, some as a school captain and one because of my love of writing. I have had a great time at these events (partially because I have missed school) and believe that they have made this year extra special.

    1. One metaphor to describe 2015;

    In 2015 we’ve been as busy as a beehive, but have still had as much fun as a cute puppy playing in the grass. (Do I get two points for including two metaphors in my one big one?)

    I chose this because I think it says that we have had an action-packed year, but although we have been really busy, we have still had lots of fun.

    Have a great rest of the year,

  12. 3 – One of my three things I loved over 2015 was Camp. Camp was awesome fun with all the different activities and exciting moments like Blood on the Southern Cross. Also we learned a bit at camp, and it was fun learning things in an almost completely different world. I also loved going to the Lion King, I had already seen the Lion King with Eliza but I loved it just the same. I will always vividly remember the bright costumes and detailed backdrops. I also loved the sporting opportunities I had over the year. Some examples were Interschool sports, Basketball and Tee-Ball. I also coached a 3/4 future star team at Hoop Time. I also played in the Girls All-Star team for Hoop Time. I was picked with Taneisha and Tayla to go to the District basketball Competition.
    2 – My first word is ACTIVE. I believe the word Active describes Year 6 really well, you’re always doing jobs, fun work and activities all year long. Examples are Lawn Bowls, Lacrosse, Graduation, Orientation, Memory Books and Mystery Tour. My other word is Hectic. I think year 6 was hectic because of all the activities and special events.
    1 – My metaphor for Year 6 is ‘Year 6 is like a rainbow, it’s pretty fun and exciting all the way, but the end is definitely the best bit.’ I believe Year 6 is like a rainbow because it is always fun and extremely busy all throughout the year, but the end is the best bit with Mystery Tour, Memory Books, Graduation and Christmas Activities.

  13. 3,2,1

    3 things I enjoyed
    I enjoyed going to camp because we got to spent time with our friends and learn about Australia’s past. Getting to see the lion King because I know for a fact I wouldn’t go and see it at school old school. Also I enjoyed getting to meet new friends that I hadn’t ever played with before.
    2 words
    Jam packet because this year has had so much fun and big things. Also we have just done so much this year. Bright because this year has been so bright and fun, we have done so many things that make you happy and excited.
    1 metaphor
    My year has been like a puzzle so many pieces so many memories.

  14. Hey 56Rf

    3 things I enjoyed this year are:

    I thought camp was a great way to get to know people even more, in my activity group and my cabin mates. I saw teachers in a different light ( a good way!) and I got to see lots of amazing, cool things.
    We saw a few plays, which were really enjoyable, we saw Blood on the southern cross, which I LOVED, we saw lots of actors walking the Main Street and around Souvreign Hill, and we saw a lot more.
    We also did lots of amazing things like candle dipping, gold panning, going in the gold mine tour, even just being a cabin with friends.


    I enjoyed pretty much everything this year I did as a 5/6 student.
    There have been so many great, unforgettable moments that I will cherish thought the years. It is hard for me to choose a favourite memory.
    I enjoyed every day lessons, recess and lunch, sport, assembly, really everything.


    I really enjoyed practicing, perfecting and performing our annual SFX concert for 2015.
    Performing for the last time with my present 5/6 peers was a blast, yet sad.
    It was my last chance to do something all together for our parents and families. Portraying a character in the concert was a fun and enjoyable thing to do.

    I chose the word thrilling because I felt excited and pumped for new challenges, and experiences.
    I can’t contain or explain my feelings towards the year, it was just thrilling.

    I feel devastated that I have to leave my current 5/6 team, my teachers and my SFX community.
    It’s hard to leave a school that I have been at for 7 years.

    This year has been like a tree.
    New leaves have grown, and some have fallen off. And eventually half of them will fall.
    This year has been like a tree because new people have come, people have left, and soon the year 6s will be leaving.


  15. 3 thins
    Camp. I chose this part about my year because it was very different from all the other camps i have been on. I also chose this part because I liked how it was educational and I loved learning about the gold rush.

    Sporting. I chose this part about the year because I loved how we got to compete against other schools in our district. Example inter school sports, cross country and athletics fortunately I got a placing in all three events.

    Hoop Time. This year I was able to participate in the McDonalds hoop time. I loved it because it gave me a chance to play a sport that I love and represent the school in it.

    2 words Different and Freedom
    I chose these words because It was very different from the past couple of years. I also chose these words because we got to have more chance and freedom in all areas of school life.

    1 metaphor.
    ” Our light is like a sky light it never burns out.”

  16. (3) things I have enjoyed.
    I have really enjoyed making new friends this year, I have at least made 2 or 3 since the start of semester one . They make me feel more confident and safe, and they all seem to make me laugh a lot.
    I think inter school sports was one of my high lights of year 5, I had never done it before but it turned out that it was fun and entertaining. We never won many games but I still liked it.
    Camp was my number one thing I did in year 5, it was extremely fun and we had lots to do there. Me and my friends all ways stayed up in bed telling story’s and eating lollies, it so much fun.

    (2) words to describe the year.
    My two words that would describe my year would be
    challenging and
    I chose these words because I found that year 5 challenged me allot more, and to be honest, I didn’t really know what challenging was until now. I also found that I was working independently allot more and the teachers wanted me to do stuff on my own so I could get ready for the years to come.

    (1) metaphor.
    Year 5 is like a doge ball game, people through balls at me ( meaning people through opportunity’s at me) and I seem to catch them all. (meaning I take the opportunity’s)

  17. 3- The 3 things I enjoyed this year were, when the year 5’s got to do the leadership inquiry unit, it was fun as well as educational, the 5/6 camp was the best, I loved learning how the Gold Rush started because I love history and being where the Gold Rush was was an amazing experience. I also enjoyed the great activities we had for sport, doing Lawn Balls, then, Lacrosse!

    2- My 2 words are different and surprising because, all the work that we did, was different to the way I did work in other years at school but, I like year 5/6 even better and because you never know what the teachers have planned for the upcoming weeks which is always surprising what they pick .

    1- My 1 metaphor is…
    If you try hard, something good always comes out of it.

    I have loved this year and cannot wait for next year!

  18. Hi Everyone,

    My three favourite things that happened this year definitely camp, seeing The Lion King and going to Brisbane. I enjoyed going to Sovereign Hill for camp because last year was an adventurous camp and this year was just a nice experience as not only was it adventurous and fun but we were learning things along the way. Being a year 6, I did have the opportunity to take part in many school events such a going to Young Leader’s Day, having Graduation and and of course having the chance to get a leadership role for 2015. The leadership role I did end up receiving wasn’t my first choice, second choice or let alone even one of my choices. As I didn’t end up getting any of my choices I was super excited to being chosen to be the SFX Girl’s Basketball Captain. Being basketball captain really motivated me to work extra hard as I play basketball in any situation such as Interschool Sport, Hoop Time or even just domestic basketball I play on Saturdays. Although I had a lot of fun with those fun events, my absolute favourite experience in 2015 was going to Brisbane and seeing 5 Seconds of Summer in concert. 5 Seconds of Summer were great and it was so exciting to see them but it was also exciting to catch up with family I hadn’t seen since Christmas because I was really missing them.

    2 words to describe 2015 at SFX are fortunate and equipped.
    I used fortunate as my first word because I am very fortunate for how my year has been. The opportunities, experiences and exciting events have all made year complete. 2015 being my last year of primary school and getting to share all of the opportunities and experience with my friends and family have my year amazing. It is a great way to end my primary school life.
    I used equipped as my second word because SFX has definitely equipped and prepared me for high school throughout the past two years. The teachers are constantly making scenarios that would possibly happen in high school. As the end of the year is right around the corner, the teachers have been getting tougher and although I don’t really enjoy that, it’s great that they are preparing us.

    My metaphor to explain 2015 is, ” My friendships in 2015 have been like a rollercoaster, there wireman ups and downs but in they end we all just and have fun with the short time we have to enjoy it.

  19. 3-2-1
    Camp. I chose camp because I have never been to Soverign hill and it was very enjoyable and I also chose camp because it is differerent to 3/4 camp because you stay for one extra night and that gave me more time to enjoy camp even more.
    Concert. I chose the concert because I have buoyed the concert very much and it was also my last concert so it was extra special. I also chose the concert because I got to have a speaking role which was very exciting and fun.
    Sport. I chose sport because I have enjoyed every sport we have done this year like athletics, cross country, lacrosse, lawn bowl and much more. I have got to try many new sports and I have really enjoyed it.

    If I had to choose two words they would be exciting because there have been very exciting things in the year like camp,concert and the he lion king and I am thankful that those are some of exciting things that his year.
    If I had to choose another word it would be challenging because this year has been a challenging year because I had to face new challenges and get used to new challenges.

    If I had to chose a metaphor it would be a rollacoster because there has been many ups and downs but I have enjoyed this and I am glad that I am finally in year five.

  20. 3.
    The first interesting thing I enjoyed was going to see The Lion King production. This was interesting because it was the first time I had ever gone to see a theatre performance. It was also interesting because I know that not many schools take students to see theatre performances, let alone take them to see one every year, but fortunately our school does.

    The second interesting thing was our ‘It’s Systematic’ Inquiry unit. This was interesting because I really really enjoyed this Inquiry unit, particularly more than others. I learned a very decent amount of knowledge, which not to mention is extremely useful knowledge.

    The last interesting thing I enjoyed was meeting several new friends. This year I have established so many new, great friendships, more than I would ever think I would have made in just a span of one year. These new friends, as well as old, have turned out to make a very enjoyable year.

    I chose this word because this year has been full of several things. Opportunities, education, fun and much more.

    I chose this word because this year has been filled (mostly) with smiles. My smiles, friends smiles, my family’s smiles. And all these smiles have radiated happiness.

    School is like an elevator. It lifts you to a new level so you can explore.

  21. 3 Interesting/ things I enjoyed.

    Sport events

    This year there have been several sporting events that I got to go to. Like hoop time where my team made it through to state finals but unfortunately didn’t get to play at Hisense arena. Inter school sport was something I always looked forward to every Friday I played basketball and netball. Athletics where my relay team made it to division. Banyule Cup was a football tournament I participated in which was really fun for me since I haven’t played in the SFX football team before. The final went into overtime and our team lost. I participated in twilight sports and came third in my sprint. I participated in cross country and I don’t quite remember where I came but I think I came 23rd. I played lawn bowls which was a real challenge because the bias made the ball spin. I played lacrosse which was a challenging sport especially to throw and catch the ball with your net.

    Camp Sovereign Hill

    I really enjoyed camp this year it was a bit of a contrast from last year being more of an educational experience. I found it very interesting and it really showed me how much of the difference made to Australia. My favorite thing we did there was going through the old mine and going through the cart in the dark depths of the mine.


    I really liked concert this year it was different to other ones since I did a link act this year I was a guard and I said the first line of the whole play. I enjoyed doing the basketball dance routine (even though it was frustrating with the timing sometimes.)

    2 words

    If I had to explain my year in two words I would pick short and busy. I picked these words because my year has felt very short but very busy with all those sporting events ,excursions, inquiry work plus having to fit in concert practice once a day.

    1 metaphor

    Year 6 is like a bee hive things are going on all the time.

  22. Hi everyone its Liam and this is my 321 GO! Thinking Routine

    3. This year has been great doing all the different sports the teachers organised such as Hoop time, In which I had SO much fun because we made it all the way to state with some of my best friends, Interschool sports where I participated in Basketball and Soccer And the Swimming Carnival where I made it to division. I was also voted to be the Loyola sports house captain. Camp I also had fun because I was a cabin with four of my best mates. I have made more friends this year and I am ready to bring on high school. HOOP TIME, TWILIGHT SPORTS and SOVEREIGNE HILL Are my Top three favourite events of this year!

    2 WORDS, To Describe this Year… Hmmmmmmmm?
    I chose these words because this year has gone so fast and knowledge because I have learnt so much this year!
    School is like a clock it just keeps going and going.

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