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Inside Out


Write a movie review about Inside Out. You need to include:

  • Summary
  • Your favourite character and why?
  • What did you enjoy about the movie?
  • Who would you recommend this movie to and why?


  1. ~Movie Review~

    ‘Inside Out’ was a movie based on your feelings inside your head. The main character, Riley, is an 11 year old girl who had to move Minnesota to San Francisco. When she got to her new home, is was bland, ugly and had no style. Meanwhile, inside her head, it was chaos. The ‘Core Memories’ were moved and it was just in the nick of time that Joy saved them, but her and sadness went up this pipe, by accident, to long term memory.
    It’s up to Fear, Disgust and Anger to make Riley get through days by trying to be happy, while Joy and Sadness try to get back to headquarters. Anger, Fear and Disgust put the idea of running away back to San Francisco to see her friends in her head, until Joy and Sadness come into save the day.

    My favorite character would have to be Joy because she is always full of energy (which is exactly like me). She lets Riley go and have lots of fun because she is Joy and Joy is always a happy person and she never lets Riley down. She is there to make happy and joyful memories as Riley grows up.

    I would recommend this movie to all ages because it’s a fun, happy movie and it always makes me laugh. It’s great to watch with friends because it makes it even more funny. I would give ‘Inside Out’ 5/5 stars.

  2. I think Inside Out is a great movie! It has a great plot for the all the characters in the movie. I like how the movie uses the idea of emotions in your head that control how you think, move and feel. Personally my favourite character would be the emotion Sadness because a lot of her lines are meant to be sad but I found them funny, I also like the emotion Anger because I like how he gets angry and his lines are also funny too. I would to recommend this movie to everyone because it is a great movie like I said earlier, and I found it quite funny. 🙂

    • rfortuna

      November 22, 2016 at 9:47 am

      Asher, you need to respond to the questions written in the blog post. You have not done this in enough detail.

  3. In the movie Inside Out a baby girl is born. There are feelings in her head. They are Joy who is always happy and makes everything done the right way, Sadness who is trying to make Riley sad but in the end she makes Riley happy, Fear who tries to keep Riley safe and out of danger, Anger who makes Riley angry when there is something he doesn’t like and Disgust who makes sure that Riley doesn’t eat or do anything that could hurt her.

    My favourite character in the movie Inside Out was Joy because she she would always change Riley’s mood from sad or angry back to happy. I liked this because Riley would then go off to do her own thing and would always be happy from then.

    The part I liked about the movie was when Sadness changed the core memories from yellow to blue. Joy let Sadness do this because Joy released that if Riley was never sad Joy could never make Riley happy.

    I would recommend this movie to anyone because there is a great meaning behind it and anyone would like to listen to it. I think the meaning is that you have to work as a team and not everything has to be done perfectly.

  4. Inside Out
    I would rate this movie a 9.
    I would recommend this movie to children the seven, because I don’t think anyone younger would get it because there are some parts that are deeper to understand. For example, the core memories represent the significant memories in your life.
    Inside Out is a movie full of emotions, and the main character is a girl named Riley who moves houses from Minnesota to San Francisco. She comes across five emotions named Fear, Disgust, Anger Joy and Sadness. Riley goes through adolescence and is very sad that she moved houses, but she doesn’t tell her parents how she feels. Riley experiences lots of core memories and Joy tries to make them happy for her, but as Sadness keeps touching them, they turn blue and sad. Overall the movie taught me to identify my different emotions, and I would recommend this to many people I know.
    Favourite Character:
    My favourite character is Sadness. I liked Sadness because she taught Joy that Riley is going through different emotions and she should understand that she can’t always be happy, everyone goes through all different feeling/emotions.
    What did you enjoy about the movie?
    I really enjoyed the movie, I loved to watch a movie that really connects with my life right now especially. As i am getting older i come across a lot more different feeling and emotions.

  5. ~Summary~
    Inside Out is about a girl called Riley that moves to San Francisco with her parents. Inside Riley’s head she has 5 emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear. At the start of the movie Joy thinks that she is the most important emotion, but as the movie goes on Joy learns that every emotion is as important as each other and that all the emotions make Riley, Riley.

    ~Favourite character~
    My favourite character is Sadness because she makes Joy realise that every emotion is important. Sadness is also funny.

    ~What I enjoyed~
    I enjoyed the humor in Inside Out. I also enjoyed the creativity in the movie, I would never think of something as creative and random as the story line. I also enjoyed the heavy impact the message in the movie had on the real world that we are all equal.

    ~ Recommendation~
    I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys funny, intriguing and adventurous movies then Inside Out is the movie for you.

  6. Inside Out
    I would rate Inside Out 9.5/10.
    Inside Out is a movie about a girl named Riley who moves houses, from Minnesota to San Francisco. Along the way, her five emotions (Sadness, Joy, Fear, Disgust and Anger) are controlling her, mainly Joy. Joy believes Riley should always be happy, and when Sadness tries to touch one of Riley’s Core Memories, Joy stops her so her Core Memory can be a happy memory. Riley doesn’t tell her parents she doesn’t like it in San Francisco and that she misses her old friends. This makes Riley feel worse than she should.
    I would recommend Inside Out to my little cousins: Eden, Sienna, Tevani, Hunter and Harvey because they are little, and they can learn about their feelings at a young age. I believe it is important to learn about all of your feelings when you are younger, so you know what you are feeling. I would also recommend it to people who struggle to identify their feelings.
    Favourite Character:
    My favourite character was Sadness because she is so cute and she taught Joy that it is important for Riley to experience Sadness, and not always be happy. Sadness also guided Joy back to the headquarters, so Riley’s Core Memories can be placed back where they belong.
    What did you enjoy about the movie?
    I enjoyed that Inside Out teaches people about their different emotions and why they are experiencing them.

  7. Inside Out
    Riley and her parents move from Minnesota to San Francisco and Riley feels upset and misses her old house and friends. Along the way, Riley’s emotions take control of her and sadness gets the better of her. Joy and Sadness get sucked up a tube and get lost in Long-term memory with the core memories. Soon, Riley runs away because Anger thinks that if Riley gets back to Minnesota she will get more core memories but is stopped by Sadness when Joy And Sadness get back to Headquarters.
    Favourite character
    Joy is my favourite character because she is always optimistic and happy. Even though she overlooked Sadness’ abilities, she learnt that everyone has a part to play, even those who don’t seem important, when she fell in the Memory Dump. She always looks on the positive side of things and is always cheerful.
    What did I enjoy?
    I enjoyed the whole movie as it tells you that there is always someone that will be by your side and you should not keep your feelings bottled up inside, You should let your feelings out and not be pressured to show one emotion only.
    I would recommend this movie to people over the age of 5 because it shows that that there is always someone there for you. You are never alone and don’t have to bottle up your feelings.

  8. Inside Out
    My favourite character is Sadness because she has a big part in the movie I think this because no one can always be happy.
    I enjoyed:
    I enjoyed the funniness in the whole movie I have no point I really liked.
    I recommend this movie to children 7 and over and all the children will understand all of the parts in the movie.
    In this movie there is a family of 3. They move from Minnesoda to San Francisco. Riley has these feelings Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger. Joy and Sadness go missing and the other emotions are left to control Riley’s’ body. Then she runs away because she is not happy because Joy is not there. Then all the emotions come back and riley returns to her worried parents back at home.

  9. Inside Out is a movie about a girl called Riley and how her life is after she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. My favourite charater is Distgust because what she does at the end to Anger is so funny!

    • rfortuna

      November 22, 2016 at 9:45 am

      Georgina, this response does not have enough detail. You need to respond to the questions at the start of the blog.

    • I enjoyed watching how moving from one place from another can cause so many emotions and make such a difference to only one persons life. I also enjoyed watching how if you lose the emotions Joy and Sadness could cause so much pain for a person.
      Connecting to my first summery the movie is also about how important the two emotions Joy and Sadness are.

  10. Inside Out

    In this movie a girl named Riley is faced with some challenges when she moves to San Francisco and leaves her house, all her friends, and her favourite thing, hockey, for a grimy, old apartment. Her emotions, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear, control what she feels every minute of the day. Anger gives Riley the idea to run away. Joy and sadness get sucked into long term memory. As Riley begins to get on the bus to go back to her old home in Minnesota, Joy and Sadness get back to headquarters and stop Riley from running away.

    Your favourite character and why?
    My favourite character was Fear. I liked him because when he is scared of something he makes a big deal about it, runs around having a rampage, and has a little tantrum.

    What did you enjoy about the movie?
    I enjoyed when Anger came out with all his different remarks like “Congratulations San Francisco! You’ve ruined pizza!” and “Can I say that curse word now?”
    It made me laugh.

    Who would you recommend this movie to and why?
    I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie where they can laugh and cry, because in the movie the characters express different feelings a lot, so the feelings the characters show kind of transfer to the people watching the movie.

  11. Summary
    Riley is 11 and her life is perfect, she has great friends and a great house. One day Riley has to move to San Francisco and it changes everything. The 5 emotions inside her head are not happy. When two emotions go missing Riley can not be happy or sad and things start to fall apart . The other 3 emotions don’t know what to do so they decide to run away but then they realize that it is a bad idea. They can not get the idea out of Riley’s head until sadness and Joy come back and make Riley feel sad about running away from her new home.Riley comes home realizes that life is not so bad in San Francisco.

    My favorite character is Anger because I think he is funny and because I can relate to what he gets angry about.

    I enjoyed the movie when the emotions are talking to each other I found when they interacted they were funny. Another part I liked was when when Joy, Sadness and Bingbong were in imagination land.

    I would recommend this movie to children under the age of 14 and over the age of 5. I think this because 15 year old would be too old to watch this movie and any 4,3,2 or 1 year old would be too young and not understand what is going on or the plot.

  12. Summary
    In the first scene, we see Riley being born, then we go inside her head and we see joy with a button to make her happy. After that we start to meet all the other emotions sadness, fear, anger and disgust. Then Riley has to move to San Francisco and sadness and joy got lost in long term memory. Riley started to feel really sad and depressed about leaving, and one night Riley almost ran away but just in time, joy and sadness came back in time and joy found out that sadness helps.

    Favourite character,
    My favourite character was properly Fear, because of how funny he can be and how wimpy he is, also I like that he’s not just always afraid, he can sometime be happy too.

    What I liked about the movie
    i liked the part in the movie where they are in the wall and they are going through all the stages because i think the animation here was really good and funny. I also like the part where they are in the “Imagination Land” because I think it is really clever how they made everything and all the towns.

    I recommend this movie if you like comedy adventure and sad parts. And I would recommend this movie to all people that love Disney movies and/or any movies.

  13. The movie Inside Out started inside the main character Riley’s head. There are small characters inside her head that represent certain qualities all humans’ show, they are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. When Riley is young she lives a comfortable life in Minnesota, then at the age of 11 she moves to San Francisco. The movie is based around how Riley feels going through such a hard transition.

    Meanwhile in her head, Joy (the leader of the emotions or qualities ) has been sucked out of the headquarters of Riley’s head by a tube meaning she doesn’t get a say of what is happening Riley’s life. Sadness has also been sucked out Riley’s head. Without these two emotions Riley is always angry and depressed. With Anger Fear and Disgust in charge of Riley the make the decision to run away. Joy and Sadness return to the headquarters just in time to make Riley turn back and go home.

    My favourite character was Joy because she always looks on the bright side and makes a positive out of a negative.

    I enjoyed seeing a cartoon version of inside someone’s head because I assume there would be something similar happening in our own head but it would look a bit different.

    I would definitely recommend this movie children around the ages of 9-12 because children under the age of 9 might find it hard to understand but teenages might find it too young for them.

  14. Q1 ~ Inside Out is a movie based on a girl named Riley who has moved from Minnesota to San Francesco . Riley is going through adolescence and her parents are noticing changes. She has 5 emotions that control her body.
    These emotions are all real life (fictional characters made up) people inside her who control her emotions and relationships with other people. Before Riley started going through adolescence Joy was her main emotion that she felt. Once Joy and Sadness left Headquarters she was left with only Disgust, Fear and Anger. Disgust, Fear and Anger try to be joy but they can’t. Joy and Sadness go through her brain which is like a maze, trying to get her back to her normal self and stopping her from running away from home.

    Q2 ~ My favourite character in Inside Out would probably have to be Anger. His temper is just so hilarious and just makes Riley even better. I can’t imagine not having Anger’s personality and humour in Inside Out. The fact that he is short, stubby and red just adds to his character!

    Q3 ~ I enjoyed everything about the movie because it relates to us older kids going through adolescence and how it does change your body and personality. I can remember in Grade 4 when I watched it for the first time that I didn’t really understand it so much but now that I’m older it’s easier to understand.

    Q4 ~ I would highly recommend this to my parents so they can understand what goes through kids these days so they can understand how we think a little bit more clearer. They would also love the animation side of it and the storyline would really make them interested and certainly make them laugh.

    Thank you for reading my blog post!


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