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Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937

Add a comment to this post, responding to the following 2 questions;

  1. What do you think is happening in this painting? What makes you say that?
  2. What keywords would you use to describe this painting?



Primary and Secondary Colours

Soul Surfer


‘People think Bethany is an inspiration.’ Do you agree or disagree? Explain your reasons. Make sure your response has been proof read before you post it and has punctuation.

Inside Out


Write a movie review about Inside Out. You need to include:

  • Summary
  • Your favourite character and why?
  • What did you enjoy about the movie?
  • Who would you recommend this movie to and why?

Why do Apples Turn Brown?

Watch the video ‘Why do Apples Turn Brown?’ and explain what happens. Make sure you give as much information as possible.

How glowsticks work without a battery

After watching the video, explain how glow sticks work without a battery.

Gender Equality

Watch the Spice Girls cover – promoting Equality and discuss what you think about the clip and the issue.

Also, respond to a class members post.

3-2-1 Reflection


Write a 3-2-1 Reflection on your year in 2015 as a Year Five/Six student.

Your 3-2-1 should include the following:

3 Interesting things/things you enjoyed from the year

2 Words

1 Metaphor (eg. My year is like a… or School is like…)

Golden Rule Websites


All religions


Sentence, Phrase, Word


Complete the Thinking Routine – Sentence, Phrase and Word on your home reading.

Sentence: Record a sentence that was meaningful to you and helped you gain a deeper understanding of the text.

Phrase: Record a phrase that moved, engaged, or provoked you.

Word: Record a word that captured your attention or struck you as powerful.

Make sure you explain why you have chosen each.

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